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Do you have an old broken vehicle that has been taking up space on your front lawn or in your garage for some time? If the pride and joy of your past has become an eyesore in the present, it may be time to think about getting rid of it.

Some of us hold onto our old vehicles for sentimental value, while others keep them around as fix-up or restoration projects that never quite come to fruition. Take a look at the old rust bucket on your property and ask yourself if you would rather have it sitting around, or a bit of tidy cash in its place. If getting a bit of money for that wreck sounds appealing to you, read on.

There’s Money in Your Old Wreck

If you’ve been holding onto that old junk car because it means something to you, it might not have crossed your mind that by taking the vehicle apart or selling the wreck off in one piece could be profitable. But before you go offering a towing business your hard earned cash to take your car away, think about offering it to a junk yard or scrap buyer – these are the kinds of businesses who will pay you for your car.

How much you get for the steel and other metals in your old car will depend on the state of the market when you sell your junk car, but it is never worthless. Your friendly neighborhood towing business will break your car down into parts and try to sell them separately before taking it to the junk yard to get more money – you should be making this money yourself.

Can You Make The Car Run?

You are likely to get much more money for a vehicle that is drivable than you are an old wreck. If there’s any way for you to get the old girl going again before selling it to a junk buyer, get it roadworthy and drive it to a salvage lot yourself. While you won’t be given the King’s ransom for your efforts, you will at least see a few more bills in the back pocket for providing a working vehicle.

Take It Apart

There are lots of parts to your old wreck that you can sell off separately, namely the rims, tires and catalytic converter. Don’t forget about the stereo or CD player inside – even if they don’t work any more, junk yards will pay for the copper wiring.

Shop Around for Quotes

Every city has a range of options for junk buyers who will take your old car away, and each will have its own idea of how much your car is worth. Make sure you get the most competitive quote by shopping around and finding the best deal. Skipping this step could cost you hundreds of dollars.

This basic guide should help you get on your way to selling your junk car. If you’re in need of some advice about how to sell your junk car and get top dollar, contact us today. One of our team will be happy to assist.