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Welcome to Junk Car Kings

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Where do you take a car when you’re done with it? People often run into this problem and end up selling it to the dealer for trade in value, or posting it on a classifieds site. But what about the cars that no one is interested in? They end up sitting in a driveway or a garage.

As the car sits the fluids start to leak, and even cars that had regular maintenance run into problems. Its important to call as soon as possible, to avoid this. You’ll get a great price for you car, and avoid having to clean up the mess that it will leave. Call Today, and we’ll schedule a time for pickup!


The process is very simple.

First, our experienced representatives will walk you through every step from scheduling a time for pick up to the recycling of its parts. They’ll even give you a rough estimate of the price you’ll get for your vehicle.

Second, you’ll work with our representatives to determine a time and a place to pick up your car. We’re equip to pick up cars all across the United States within 24 hours. Sometimes even the same day.

Third, at your prearranged time we’ll come pick your vehicle with cash in hand. Then we’ll tow your car away and begin the recycling process.

In as little as 12 hours, you could have a pocket full of cash for the car rusting in your driveway. Call Now!