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Welcome to Junk Car Kings

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We trade cold cash for clunkers, even when they’re fit for the junk yard!

It doesn’t matter how bad a condition your car is in. If it’s got ANY parts that we can use, we want to trade you cash for it!

You might not know it, but even if you’re ready to leave your car at the dump, it’s worth tons of money to companies that need resources.

Metal, upholstery, electronics, even glass. These parts are extremely valuable to businesses. And that’s why even a car with $0 resale value could be worth more than a thousand dollars in recyclable parts.

As a National Corporation, we operate in the states at the bottom of the page. We pick-up, payout and dispose of the car within one of our hundreds of facilities located throughout these numerous states. We pride ourselves in being an efficient and clean run junk car business. No matter how clunky you might think your car is, you can still get away with cash in the pocket.

So what are you waiting for? Call us today and let us help you get paid cash!


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